Dress Code 2023-24

  • These guidelines are intended to promote a positive self-image and good conduct by eliminating disruptions to the normal educational process and providing for student safety.  All West University Elementary students are expected to take pride in their appearance and follow these dress code guidelines.


    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must reach a student’s fingertips when their arms are down at their sides.  Students may not roll up the hems nor roll down the tops of shorts or skirts to make them shorter.


    • No spaghetti strap, tank, tube, short, off-the-shoulder, or halter tops are allowed.  No tops cut low in the front, back, or side will be allowed. No skin should be exposed between the shirt's bottom and the top of pants/shorts/skirt.


    • Leggings, workout pants, bike shorts, and close-fitting bottoms are prohibited but may be worn under dresses/skirts/shorts.


    • No inappropriate or suggestive wording on clothing; clothing with advertisements for alcohol, tobacco products, or illicit drugs is not allowed.


    • Closed-toe, closed-heel, and fully enclosed shoes must always be worn.  Sneakers, tennis shoes, and athletic shoes are recommended for student safety.  No flip-flops, sandals, or high heels.


    • Hats, caps, and other headgear may not be worn inside the building.


    • Makeup may not be worn.


    • Fridays are designated as West U Spirit Day; students are encouraged to wear our West U Gear, any West U Elementary t-shirts, or our school colors of red and blue.


    • Any other attire the campus administration perceives as detrimental or distracting to the education process or a safety hazard will not be allowed.


    Violations of the student dress code are considered violations of the HISD Code of Student Conduct. In most cases, students will be given a change of clothes (if available), or the parents will be called to bring a change of clothes for the student.


    If extenuating circumstances prevent a student from following these guidelines, parents must consult the principal.


    Scott C. Disch, Principal