Mr. Castle, Our School Counselor

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    • Fostering positive relationships is a fundamental building block of serving as a school counselor.

    • It is essential to create a warm and welcoming environment where the students feel safe. 

    • Students must feel like they are welcomed for who they are, unconditionally.  They must feel that it is acceptable to make mistakes.  I teach and model appropriate social skills with students. 

    • As a school counselor, I feel that it is important to be as available and present as possible, so I may meet the needs of our student body.  When providing direct counseling services outside of the classroom, I will be using a combination of person-centered and solution-focused approaches. 

    My Roles at West U

    • As your school counselor, I will address a wide variety of social and emotional needs. 
      • I will be proactive and readily available to students, staff, and parents. I will reach the entire student body through weekly morning announcements, grade level assemblies, classroom visits/guidance lessons. 
      • I will also continue to implement and support our Positive Behavior program that we began last year with the assistance of our PTO Positive Behavior committee.
      • I will help lead and support the No Place for Hate committee.
      • I will help address school and community needs through my memberships on our Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC) and Safety Committee.  

    • I will empower the student body through a systematic guidance curriculum.  We will be implementing the Harmony SEL program this year school-wide.  This program focuses on building emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills in students – such as building empathy, learning to be an “upstander”, and working collaboratively with others.

Contact Information

  • Brian Castle
    West University Elementary School
    3756 University Blvd.  Houston, TX 77005
    Telephone: 713-556-4744  
    Fax: 713-667-8514
    Appointments can be scheduled through email or via phone.
    Email: Please allow at least 24 hours for a response to your email. For urgent messages, please call the main office at 713-295-5215.