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    Istation Reading

    Istation delivers individualized instruction complete with age-appropriate content for students. Plus, every lesson is supported with data-rich benchmark and continuous progress monitoring assessments through Istation's proprietary ISIP™ technology.

    Depending on the grade level, the English reading curriculum includes education in critical reading domains, including:

            Early Reading (Kindergarten through 3rd Grade)
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Alphabetic Knowledge
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Fluency
    Advanced Reading (4th through 12th Grade)
    • Word Analysis
    • Fluency
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension

    Download iStation for Home Use
    All students in kindergarten through grade 5 have access to iStation Reading at home. If you need log in information please contact your child's teacher.  You will need an Internet connection and a set of headphones (not earbuds) before downloading. 

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    Recommended usage is one session per day for 30 minutes