Start with a dream, finish with a future

    The College Awareness program started with one small, important change in the dress code. Students and parents expressed a desire to change a portion of the dress code and allow students to wear college t-shirts daily. It has been a big hit ever since. Each day students can be seen wearing shirts from a local or state college and more important, their parent's alma mater or the school they hope to attend in the future.
    Early college awareness. Why? Students who are exposed to college from an early stage are more likely to view college as a viable option. 27% of students whose parents did not go to college are currently enrolled in 4-year institutions---compared to 71% of students whose parents have bachelor's degrees.
    Early college awareness is a key step to raising aspirations. It helps young students see possibilities in their future and, most important, it helps them understand how to access those opportunities.
    A school with a strong college awareness culture creates opportunities for students to explore higher education. Harvard plays a pivotal role with an academically rigorous curriculum and classroom instruction, college exposure, clear expectations from all school staff and parent involvement. At Harvard, our goal is to surround our students with a culture that states, "When you go to college ..." not "If you go to college ..."