• Parents Make the Difference!

    The key to a child's success in school, besides a quality teacher, is a supportive parent.  Harvard offers several ways for parents to be involved in their child's educational experience.  It may include volunteering directly in the classroom or assisting the school through the PTA.  Children enjoy seeing their parents at school working alongside their teachers and with other parents.

    Parental Responsibilities

    Each parent or guardian will:
    • Make school the number one priority during the academic year.
    • Be sure your child comes to school each day and on time.
    • Support your child in completing homework and projects.
    • Model a positive attitude about school.
    • Attend annual parent/student/teacher conferences.
    • Encourage your child to attend college after high school graduation.
    • Attend school sponsored events to show your support for the school and its organizations.
    • Notify the school of all telephone number and address changes.
    • Keep the nurse informed about medical conditions.
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