Welcome to Special Education

For assistance with Special Education, please contact our Special Education Department Chair, Ms. Bridges, or your student's Case Manager.
First Name Last Name Email Address Position
Andrew Buy Andrew.Buy@houstonisd.org Co-Teacher
Brenda Bolden BBOLDEN3@houstonisd.org Teacher Assistant
Contreal Charles contreal.charles@houstonisd.org Co-Teacher
David Flanagan david.flanagan@houstonisd.org Co-Teacher
David Jackson david.jackson3@houstonisd.org Co-Teacher
Driciru Nola Driciru.Nola@houstonisd.org Teacher Assistant
Kay Elam kelam@houstonisd.org Teacher Assistant
Kristy Bridges Kristy.Bridges@houstonisd.org Special Education Department Chair
Mavis Nickerson MNICKERS@houstonisd.org Teacher Assistant
Patrick Brooks Patrick.Brooks@houstonisd.org Co-Teacher
Reshawn Brown reshawn.brown@houstonisd.org SLC Teacher