Gifted and Talented 2021-2022

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    Hello Pershing Panda Families!

    Gifted and Talented applications are available to students interested in qualifying for G/T status. 

    HISD is requesting that applications for GT testing be turned in to the Pershing main office.  Mr. De Stefano ( is the Pershing GT Coordinator and will notify receipt of applications. 

    All applications are due by Friday, November 5, 2021. 

    Please submit all of the following to the Pershing Main office for Mr. De Stefano:

    • Paper Application
    • Teacher Recommendation (Only Non-HISD students)
    • 2020-2021 Report Card (Only Non-HISD students) 

     GT Application Forms

    Houston Independent School District Magnet Programs

    Magnet Programs offer a range of thematic educational choices for grades K-12. Each program's enriched curriculum centers on a specialized theme that meets students' diverse needs, while teachers receive training to deliver specialized content using best practices.

    For more information, visit Houston Independent's Gifted and Talented Webpage:

    HISD G/T Identification

    Students in all grades can apply for Gifted and Talented services in their neighborhood (zoned) school through the Gifted and Talented application. The application process for G/T identification involves the following:

    • Parents request G/T testing at their Neighborhood campus.
    • Parents collect required records from their child’s current school (see application for specific details).
    • School schedules G/T testing, if needed. Testing is conducted during the district established testing windows.

    If you have questions regarding the GT testing window or GT Matrix, please contact the HISD Gifted and Talented department at 713-556-6954.

    The Profile Narrative from your scholar’s Gifted and Talented (G/T) test administration should be available on or before March 31, 2022. The assessment results that were applied in calculating the HISD G/T Identification Matrix will be mailed directly from the G/T Department at the HISD Central Office. Please keep these for your records. If you do not receive the results by April 1, 2022, please send an email to