Teacher Name
    Clifton E. Terrell
    1st. Period- Confrence
    Web Friendly Mapping Address www.houstonisd.org/MYCLASSPAGE 
    Teacher Bio
    Grauate of Jesse H. Jones High School
    Prairie View A&M University - Major- Physical Education/Health Education
                                                         Minor- Elementary Education
    Prairie View A&M University- Master of Education Adminstration
    Head Boys Track Coach
    Assistance Football Coach
    Course Description
    Health Education
     Purpose: To provide in-depth information regarding health concepts, attitudes, and behaviors which promote wellness life styles. Units that will be coveredare stress
                       life management skills, such as communication, decision making, goal setting, stress management and coflict resolution. The ultimate goal of this class is
                       to reduce risk factors and increase respective behaviors.
    Philosophy: Health Education focuses on the development of healthy and safety principles. This comprehensive class is designed to help students make responsible
                           and informed decisions on matters importnat to thier personal health and well-being. The curriculum stresses personal, mental, physical and social development. Critical
                           health issues will be addressed, such as, disease prevention including HIV/STDs, human sexuality, sedentary lifestyles, inadequate nutrition, alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence,
                           and death. Students are provided an opportunity to learn concepts that will enrich the quality of their life. Instructional activities that stress life skills, such as communication,
                           conflict resolution, refusal, decision-making, goal-setting, interpersonal relationships and stress management.
    Materials Required:
    •  1 Subject 70-Sheets Spiral Notebook
    •   Pen/Pencil
    Grade Weights
    "A" (90-100), "B" (80-90), "C" (70-79), "D" (70-74), "F" (below 69)
    Daily Procedures
    • Class Discussions 
    • Daily Reading
    • Daily Writing
    Class Rules
    • Bring to class: Notebook, Pen/Pencil
    • Must be seated when tardy bell rings.
    • Be respectful to your peers verbally, physically and thier property.
    • Be prepared to and motivated to learn.
    • No cell phones or any other electronic devices.
    • No eating in class. 
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