Chief Anchor
    Linard Feaster 
    Teacher Bio
    Course Description
    Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a Citizen Development Course taught by retired Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Officers and Enlisted Personnel to enrich the surrounding communities and the country.  Through the Four-Year program, students are provided courses ranging from basic government, military history, physical education, first aid, leadership, and teamwork.  Participation in competitive teams such as the Drill Team, Physical Training Team, Honor Guard, and Color Guard allow Cadets to experience competition and develop a sense of school and unit pride while building valuable team skills. 
    Materials Required:
    • Cadet Uniforms (Issued to each Cadet free of charge and worn weekly)
    • Pencil/Pen
    • Exercise Clothing for Physical Training days (proper shoes, shorts/sweats)
    Grade Weights
    Community Service 5%
    Homework 10%
    Classroom Participation 10%
    Quizes 10%
    Uniform Inspections 25%
    Exams 40% (To include Annual Military Inspection, Semi-Annual Physical Readiness Assessment)
    Daily Procedures
    • Cadets are to enter the classroom and immediately collect turn in any homework assigned
    • Cadets are to gather their notebook and begin the Do-Now as listed on the board in each classroom
    • Attendance will be completed by the Platoon Commander and reported to the Instructor and instruction will begin
    • Prior to departing for the day, Cadets will come to attention, complete the Exit-Ticket and be dismissed by the Platoon Commander or Instructor
    Class Rules
    • No Cell Phones or other Personal Electronic Devices are allowed in the classroom
    • There is no chewing gum allowed in the classroom
    • Respect will be given to all Cadets and Instructors at all times
    • All directions will be followed immediately and without question.  Questions may be raised after the task has been accomplished.
    • Homework is to be turned in on time.  Homework grades will be reduced by 10% for every day it is late.
    • Further rules of conduct are available on the NJROTC Website.