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    Physics Syllabus

    Physics                                                             Grade Level 11-12

     Critical Competencies:

    1.   The students will demonstrate a knowledge and comprehension of procedures necessary for successful learning and problem solving.

    2.   The students will develop laboratory skills of observation, measurement, interpretation and data analysis.

    3.   The students will use analytical thinking skills as the prime technique applied to mathematical problem solutions.

    4.   The students will develop a better awareness of physics in nature and use scientific inquiry in explaining natural processes.


    Content (subject to changes):


    1.   Motion and Vectors (Chapters 2 and 3) (4 Weeks)

    Displacement, Time, Velocity, Acceleration

    2.   Motion in Two Dimensions (Chapter 3) (4 Weeks)

    Projectile Motion

    3.   Forces (Chapter 4) (4 Weeks)

    4.   Energy (Chapters 6) (4 Weeks)

    Work, Power, Conservation of Energy

    5.   Uniform Circular Motion and Universal Gravitation (Chapter 5) (3 Weeks)

    6.   Momentum and Collisions (Chapter 7) (3 Weeks)

    7.   Rotary Motion (Chapter 8) (3 Weeks)

    8. Electrostatics (Chapter 16-17) (4 Weeks)

    9. Current Electricity (Chapter 18-19) (4 Weeks)

    10. Waves and Sound (Chapters 11-12) (2 Weeks)

    11. Optics (Chapter 23-24) (2 Weeks)



    30% Tests, Quizzes

    30% Learning & Practice assignments

    40% LABS

    Semester Grades

    The semester average will be determined as follows:

    Grading Cycle 1    25%

    Grading Cycle 2    25%

    Grading Cycle 3    25%

    Final Exam            25%

     Incompletes will be given only if a student has a substantial amount of excused absences, (i.e. long term illness or emergency at home) or failure to take the final exam within the school’s set deadline. Students are responsible for all make up work.  Students must complete assignments in a period of days equal to the number of their absences.  Late assignments are not acceptable and will receive a zero.

    Class Rule:

    1. Do not talk while I am talking.




    1.   Begin working on the AYE (As You Enter) in your notebook before the bell rings.  Look to the blackboard or TV for your AYE.  Sit quietly until others are finished.

    2.   Place homework on tray.

    3.   Be prepared to take notes, discuss, or be assessed on the previous readings or homework.

    4.   When working in groups assign tasks and work together.  No spectators allowed.

    5.   Bathroom breaks cannot be taking the first 20 mins or the last 20 mins.

    6.   Class ends when Mr. Gamez dismisses you.



    Make and account at www.edmodo.com.  Make sure it’s a student account and use your group code to join your glass.  Also add a picture of your self.

    1-Period   Group code: qav2az

    2-Period   Group code: qfcjv8

    3-Period   Group code: wb747f

    4-Period   Group code: um4p2y

    5-Period   Group code: ctcnfu

    6-Period   Group code: uat8sp

    7-Period   Group code: 8552ix