• A Foreign Language Magnet

    The foreign languages and cultures program at Kolter is based upon the structure of the Foreign Language in Elementary School (FLES) program. The program begins in Kindergarten where students have the opportunity to explore each of the three languages offered at Kolter: Chinese, French, and Spanish. Upon entering 1st grade, students have the opportunity to select a primary language of focus, although students are continually educated about all cultures through links within the core academic curriculum.                                                                                                                   

    From Kindergarten through 5th grade, language mastery and cultural awareness is developed through an integrated, experiential learning approach where great emphasis is placed on listening skills, speaking skills, and cultural context. Students spend 50 minutes two times a week participating in language and cultural development activities. They learn about culturally relevant art history, traditions, cusine, and the replication of techniques used by famous Chinese, French, and Spanish artists and craftsmen. 

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