Faculty and Staff Directory

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Julie Dickinson- Principal  email
Ashlin Adam- 2nd Grade Teacher  email
Lynette Adams- Plant Operator  email
Gloria Altamirano- Custodian  email
Stephanie Barry- Speech Therapist  email
Gisela Bravo- School Secretary  email
Maria Carandas- Math Interventionist  email
Wen Chen- Chinese Teacher  email
Whitney Cotton- Reading Interventionist  email
Catherine Crisp- Nurse  email
Kathleen Crossett- Magnet Coordinator  email
Carrie H Curry- 4th Grade Teacher  email
Marquise Davis- Kindergarten Teacher  
Michelle Davis- Wrap Around Specialist  email
Nisrine Droubi- 5th Grade Teacher  email
Araceli Enriquez Andrade- K-5 Spanish Teacher  email
Claire Frazier- French Teacher  email
Jama Glenn- 3rd Grade Teacher  email
Nellie Gonzales- Magnet Clerk  email
Amy Gordon- 1st Grade Teacher  email
Sharon Grimm- 3rd Grade Teacher  email
Tiffany Groce- 4th Grade Teacher  email
Alyssa Heater- 1st Grade Teacher  email
Jennifer Heemer- Fifth Grade Teacher  email
Jenny Hillyer- Third Grade Teacher  email
Mary Jo James- Food Services Administrator  email
Deborah Joffre- Third Grade Teacher  email
Benne Jones- Teacher Specialist  email
Kimberly Kuhn- PALs Teacher and Special Education Department Chair  email
Katlyn Lamont- 5th Grade Teacher  email
Summer Lewis- Interventionist  email
Cheryl Lidsky- 4th Grade Teacher  email
Kerri A Lyons- Pre-K Teacher  email
Natalie Manfull- Reading Specialist  email
Christina Maxwell- Kindergarten Teacher  email
Jacqueline Mendoza- SLL Teacher Assistant  email
Lisa Moellering- HISD LSSP  email
Keisha Moss- 1st Grade Teacher  
Lexandra Norris- Kindergarten Teacher  email
Kim O'Reilly- 4th Grade Teacher  email
Rachel Ortiz- Kindergarten Teacher  email
Samantha Ortiz- 2nd Grade Teacher  email
Catherine Palis- 2nd Grade Teacher  email
Tammy Parker- Physical Education Teacher  email
Madeline Richardson- Kindergarten Teacher  email
Sommer Ricks- 1st Grade Teacher  email
Julie Robertson- 4th Grade Teacher  email
Stacy Samet- Dyslexia Interventionist  
Jeffrey Silk- 5th Grade Teacher  email
Lizzie Smith- 2nd Grade Teacher  email
Ulises Torres- HISD Diagnostician  email
Dorothy Tzeng- Third Grade Teacher  email
Christina Wagner- 2nd Grade Teacher (Self-Contained)  email
Ashantia Wolfe- Counselor  email
Olivia Worrell- 1st Grade Teacher  
Erin Wright- Lifeskills Teacher (SLL)  email
Liling Yu- Chinese Teacher  email