• Resources for Kolter Students

    Kolter students have access to a number of online programs they can use at home.  Regular practice at home will help your child increase their math and reading skills. 
    HISD provides a variety of resources that can be done at home or school.  Students log in to their Clever account. Click here for Clever.  Students will need their "s" number to login.
    IXL: https://www.ixl.com/signin/kolter IXL.com is a wonderful math program for grades grades 3-5 at Kolter. It helps your child learn the state math standards in a way that's fun and easy to navigate. If your child is having difficulty with a concept at their grade level, they can go down a grade level or two. Once they feel confident, they can go back up to their grade level and practice skills with a click of the mouse. Also, you can have your child work ahead!