From Ms. Dickinson

    Welcome to our website and all things Kolter Elementary! I am proud to be a part of a school family that values academic rigor, cultural exploration and nurturing global learners. Kolter has a long-standing reputation as a high-performing school with a focus on rigorous academics and an exploration of one of three languages: Spanish, Chinese or French. Our students and parents join our teachers and community in exploring the sights, sounds and people of the world. Kolter sparks a love of learning that extends across the world and lasts a lifetime. 
    I am humbled to work alongside a community that puts our student's successes and the support of our teachers at the forefront of daily work. The relationships and parterships we hold with our stakeholders is a pillar to our achievements. In valuing those relationships, we welcome your feedback and input. Together, we can continue to foster the excellence and dedication that comes with being a part of this dynamic school family. 
    We work to embody HISD's core values:
    • Core Value #1: All students can learn and reach his or her potential.
    • Core Value #2: Effective teachers make the most difference in student academic performance.
    • Core Value #3: For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations.
    • Core Value #4: We value parent engagement and community support.
    • Core Value #5: We rely on clearly defined outcomes to guide our work and to which we hold ourselves accountable.
    • Core Value #6: We value equity and commit to reducing inequities inherent in the education system.
    Please feel free to reach out to me via email: 
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