• Congratulations to our First Graduating Class!!

    In December 2014, four MCHS at HCC Felix Fraga students were the first to graduate with their High School Diploma from MCHS Felix Fraga. All four students participated in the HISD Fall Graduation Ceremony. We are very proud of our students for their persistence and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goal of a high school diploma. For Nataly and Selena, their graduation is an example for their young children.
    On May 30, 2015, Elizabeth Manjarrez and Luisa Retana Olvera graduated in a dual MCHS graduation ceremony at HCC Southwest with MCHS at HCC Gulfton. Elizabeth was the first Valedictorian and will attend University of Houston Downtown in August.  Luisa graduated and will continue at Houston Community College.
    Pictured from left to right:
    Dec 2014 Graduates: Verner Potts, Selena Hernandez, Jennifer Baltazar, and Nataly Ramon (not pictured) 
    May 2015 Graduates: Elizabeth Manjarrez (Valedictorian) and Luisa Retana Olvera 
    May grads

     Summer 2015 Graduates
    On Saturday Aug 15, 2015, seven more MCHS FF students received their diploma at Texas Southern University.  
     Summer Graduates
     (From Left to Right): Mark Gonzales, who won a $5,000 CASEY Firefighter scholarship to the HCC Fire Academy; David De La Rosa, Rigoberto Alejandro, Michelle Jara Ruiz, Crystal Williams, Magdalena Turcios-Giron, and Nancy Cisneros!!