MCHS Felix Fraga Course Sequence

  • The course sequence for MCHS Felix Fraga students is:

    Year 1
     English 1 A/B (1 Year)- EOC test
    Algebra 1 A/B (1 Year)-EOC test
    Biology A/B (1 Year)-EOC test
    W. History A/B (1 Semester) and W. Geography A/B (1 Semester)
    Year 2 
     English 2 A/B (1 Year)- EOC test
    Algebra 2 A/B (1 Semester) and Geometry A/B (1 Semester)
    Chemistry A/B (1 Semester) and Physics A/B (1 Semester)
    US History A/B (1 Year)- EOC test
    Year 3 
     English 3 A/B (1 Semester) and English 4 A/B (1 Semester)
    Government and Economics (1 Semester)
    4th year Math and 4th Year Science -- Based on availability
    Required Electives - Possibly online, based on availability
    Art/Music(1 Year) 
    PE (1 Year)
    Spanish 1 A/B (1 Semester) and Spanish 2 A/B (1 Semester)
    Health (1 Semester)
    5.5 Electives 
    MCHS Felix Fraga students have the option to graduate with the following High School Diplomas*:
    Houston ISD Foundation (22 credits), Houston ISD Distinguished (26 credits) or TEA Foundation (22 credits)
    *Students must obtain the HoustonISD Distinguished HS Diploma if they are interested in attending a four-year university after high school. 

    All MCHS Felix Fraga students will graduate on a Multidisciplinary Endorsement.