• Faculty at MCHS Felix Fraga 2023 - 2024

    School Motto
    Encourage, Engage and Empower.


    Office: 301 N. Drennan, Suite 205, Houston Texas 77003     

    Office Telephone Number:  713-228-3408

    School Website         http://www.Houstonisd.org/fraga

    You can reach us via HISD Emails / Calls

    Follow us on Twitter: @MCHSFraga     

    Administration Roles and Reposabilities

    Master Schedule / Bell Schedule


    Camp Site

    Juan Gallardo, Principal

    TEAM & Leadership Effectiveness
    College and Career Readiness- CCM
    RPE & CTE Departments
    Admin Team - PLC Process/Planning
    Campus Professional Development
    Grant Management
    Campus Processes and Logistics
    School Calendar / Teacher Letter
    PEIMS Administrator


    11th and 12th Grade Success and Activities
    Mathematics & Science Departments
    PLC Process/Planning
    District Level Assessment/Formative Assessment
    HUB/OnTRack- Support
    Safety & Security / Facilities with HCC
    Substitutes / Teacher Attendance
    Master Schedule
    Title 1
    Dual Credit Administrator


    Mr. Horne, Couselor

    Personal Graduation Plans
    Student Schedules
    Intervention – On Time Grad
    Student Leadership – Planning
    Announcements/ Student Newsletter
    Restorative Practices Implementation
    Special Population / SPED
    Campus Test Coordinator

    Mr. Leyva, Adminsitrator

     9th and 10th Grade Success and Activities
    Social Studies & English Departments
    PLC Process/Planning
    HUB/OnTRack- Support
    Intervention/Acceleration /HB4545 /RTI/IAT
    New Teacher Induction
    Emerging Bilingual Students / TELPAS
    LPAC Chair
    Graduation Lab – APEX Online
    Sheltered Instruction

    Dual Credit Program
    Power Up
    APEX Online Support
    Dual Credit – Study Lab Classes
    TSI Planning of Tutorials /TSI administration
    CIPA – Children’s Internet Protection Act  



    Ms. Saldana, Student Information Representative

    School Data Review /Attendance/Grades
    PEIMS Specialist
    Registration and Enrollment
    Time Entry and Budget Allocations
    Back Up Nurse
    Student Council


    Front Office / Attendance
    Students Tardies
    After School Tutorials
    Progress Report & Report Card Process/Review
    Request of Student’s Records
    Parent Contact
    Title 1 Support


    Ms. Llerena,

    Wraparound Specialist

    Support of Non-Academic Needs
    Student at the Center – DRIP
    Student Leadership – Planning
    Restorative Practice Planning
    Connecting with Community Members





    Instrucitonal Coaches

    Dr. Hernandez supports
    Mrs. Eubanks, Biology and Environmental Systems
    Ms. Sheyla Alfaro - Online Chemistry and Physics
    Mr. Tano - Algebra 1 and College Preparation - Math/
    Mr. Trieu - Geometry and Algebra 2
    Ms. Morgan, PE and Health
    Ms. Cooper - Marketing

    Mr. Leyva supports
    Ms. Walston - English 2, Reading 2 and College Preparation - ELA
    Mr. Martin - English 1, Reading 1 and English 3
    Mr. Maples - W Geography, W History and US History              


    Planning Times
    Mondays and Wednesdays  
    1st Period - Social Studies and Mathematics
    2nd Period - PE/ Health
    3rd Period - Science
    4th Period - ELA & Marketing