Sometimes students have challenges that are out of their control and are hold behind a year in elementary or middle school. Some others make mistakes in the 9th grades and find out that they need a smaller environment to be successful. 
    Students arriving to school missing credits on their transcripts due to not passing a course or too many absences have an opportunity to recover their credits.
    At MCHS Felix Fraga, we have several solutions to help students recover missing credits.
    Students in this situation will have to meet with Mr. Horne, school counselor and Ms. Garcia, Wraparound Specilaist to create a plan for success.
    If a student did not a pass a course, students can retake the course through APEX or through Face-to Face instruction.
    If a student did not receive credit due to absences, we make a plan for the student to recoup hours through Saturday School or other activities related to academics such as college campus visits, presentations, volunteer and leadership experiences. Students must keep a log of the hours and submit to the registrar for verification. If a student owes hours a another HISD school, we work with the previous school to create a plan to recoup those hours. 
    By following the credit recovery plan set up for the individual student, students are able to recoup credits and move grade levels at an accelerated pace. Making them closer to graduation.