Barcenas, Maria
    Room 1411
    Canales, Azucena
    Room 1407 
    Quintal, Coritza
    Room 1406 
    Silvestre, Birlly
    Room 1405 

    Language Acquisition 

    Language Acquisition Spanish classes introduce students to the cultures of the contemporary Spanish speaking world, as they develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In Spanish I, students will learn common ways to greet people, ask for and provide personal information, and talk about their likes, pastimes and descriptions of their school day. A heavy emphasis is placed on oral and written practice in present and past tenses. In Spanish for Native Speakers, bilingual students will have the unique opportunity to explore new cultures, content and vocabulary through exposure to a wide variety of Hispanic literature. Students in this class are expected to create and maintain a portfolio of writing, reading comprehension materials and research projects.

    Conference Time