National Honor Society-South Early College High School Chapter
    Selection Process
    The National Honor Society Faculty Council (FC) will employ the following guidelines for the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Membership Drive:
    • A student who is invited to apply to the National Honor Society (NHS) must be a sophomore, junior, or senior with a GPA of 3.5 or above (not 3.4999). If the induction of new members is in April or May, seniors will not be invited for membership.
    • An information session may be conducted to answer questions about the selection process, and students may ask the NHS campus adviser.
    • Students having a GPA of 3.5 or above must complete the entire Candidate Packet in order to be considered for membership into the National Honor Society.
    • A high GPA does not guarantee membership into the National Honor Society. Membership selection considers more than just the GPA.
    • Students with disciplinary problems and referrals who meet all of the above criteria and wish to become a member will be considered on an individual basis and determined by the FC. They may be asked to participate in an interview conducted by the FC.
    • Students must have been enrolled at South Early College High School for one school year prior to being invited to apply for membership. First year students at SECHS are not eligible.
    • Input from the faculty will be solicited and used by the FC regarding character. All information and comments collected will remain confidential among the FC.
    • The FC will determine the actual selection of members to the National Honor Society based on the criteria of character, scholarship, leadership, and service determined from the Candidate Packet and a rubric.
    • The FC will review the documentation and any other verifiable information about each candidate and make their decision.
    • Candidates receiving a majority vote from the FC will be inducted into the South Early College High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.
    Ineligible Applicants:
    Students may be denied acceptance into NHS for the following reasons:
    • Handing in application after the designated deadline
    • Omitting sections of the application this includes signatures. If it does not apply to you put N/A
    • Having no phone numbers and/or verifying signatures
    • Missing the required recommendation
    • Not meeting the required score based on the rubric
    • Violating a school policy (SECHS and HCC) as determined by the SECHS administration
    National Honor Society Adviser
    Mrs. Paskos-Baker
    Faculty Council
    Ms. Canary
    Mrs. Paskos-Baker
    Dr. Raghav
    Ms. Howard
    Mr. Garcia