• Momentrix

    The Mometrix eLibrary is the ideal solution for a way to make quality career and academic resources available to students. They can access to over 1800 comprehensive e-book study guides. The study guides cover a vast range of subjects and courses at high school and college levels, as well as many of the important standardized tests students take. In addition, this place offer study guides for elementary and middle school level courses and exams, along with guides for many professional and career certification exams. With Mometrix eLibrary your patrons can:
    • Access study materials and practice tests for over 1800 different standardized exams.
    • Prepare for aptitude tests, licensing, and professional certification in a variety of fields such as military, healthcare, insurance, and more.
    • Improve workplace skills such as business, finance, and computer skills.
    • Prepare for college and graduate school admission tests including the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, MAT, CLEP, and SAT, as well as Advanced Placement testing.
    • Improve or refresh basic skills in English, Language Arts, and Math.
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