Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)

  • What is a Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)?

    When the 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 5 into law, high school graduation plans changed for all students who will be freshmen during the 2014-15 school year and thereafter. The bill provides more flexibility for high school students to pursue either higher education or a career. 

    House Bill 5 established a single graduation plan, the Foundation High School Program (FHSP). Students will also have the opportunity to build on the FHSP by earning Endorsements, Performance Acknowledgements, and a Distinguished Level of Achievement.

    A focused and successful high school path is the road to future success in higher education, workforce training, and career. Revised state requirements and HISD’s own rigorous standards — along with a broad choice of career pathways — help students work with parents and educators to map their coursework to align with their aptitudes and interests. Planning a path — identifying a direction and setting goals — helps make education relevant to a student’s future.

    Each student works with their advisor to develop their path toward graduation. Some of this work begins in 8th grade, but the complete plan is developed in 9th grade and modified when necessary in subsequent years. The PGP is meant to be a roadmap. Our charge is to help students select paths of study that allow them to earn endorsements with their diploma.

    Many students have already chosen pathways and are well on their way to earning these endorsements. The State requires that schools work with parents and students, and PGPs require a parent signature. We invite you to work with us on charting your student's path to graduation. Join our academic advisors to learn more about Personal Graduation Plans, ask questions about your child's pathway and endorsement potential, and sign off on the PGP.

    In addition to their foundational classes, the students will decide on an endorsement plan offered at South Early:


    • Multi-Disciplinary
    • STEM


    All 9th graders will complete their PGP plans Nov 8th-12th 

    These endorsements will help create a personalized learning plan in line with a student’s career interests and goals. Families will be given a student options well in advance, to assist them in selecting a high school endorsement and career pathway that meets the student’s career interests and post-secondary goals.

    You can read more about this on here.


    Key Things To Know

    • A student must complete a PGP upon entering 9th grade
    • Students and counselors will plan the 4 years of High School classes along with the corresponding endorsements. (shown in DOCUMENTS)
    • Students and parents must confirm and sign the personal graduation plan

    If you need help to complete your PGP please contac Ms. Williams SECHS counselor at:

    • Room: 215
    • email:
    • Phone: (713) 732-3623 ext 486-108
    • Microsoft Teams: @Jonkins, Lateefa A
    • Office hours: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm (hours are flexible)