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B.S.- Computer Science/Business Administration Technology Applications Certification Business Education Certification Sp.Ed. E-12 Certification

Carol Carouthers


Years 1-3 MYP


Welcome to Career & Technology Education!

 We have an exciting year ahead of us, and I’m glad that you are here! Career and Technology Education will be with you for the now, in high school, college and work! I expect you to understand many interesting and beneficial ways that technology is used every day. No matter your career choice in the future, a strong foundation in technology will be paramount to your success!

Let’s “Do it”!


  •  COURSE SYLLABUS 2018-19

    Career and Technical Education (CTE)


    Technology Applications

    Principles of Information Technology


    Ms. Carol Carouthers

    Email Address:

    Conference Period A7, B6




    Programming                                                   Ethics

    Databases                                                        Computer Coding

    Networking                                                      Keyboarding

    Safety                                                              Word Processing / Spreadsheets




    This course develops technology skills with application to personal and/or business situations. Software applications include word processing, spreadsheet, data base, desktop publishing, presentation products, and Internet activities. Students will work in a networked environment.




    Goals                                                   Learning Strategy

    Following instructions                          Students must follow written & oral step-by-step instructions for all assignments

    Professionalism                                   Students are taught and graded on professionalism

    Punctuality                                           Students must be on time for class

    Accurate Documentation                     Completing daily assignments, projects and classroom activities

    Accountability                                     Staying on task and turning in all assignments on time.    




    1. Personal headphones (inexpensive)
    2. Journal (Black and White)
    3. Storage Drive
    4. Box of Kleenex Tissue
    5. Pens (Black or Blue only)
    6. Folder with pockets (inexpensive, small)
    7. Number 2 pencils


    Additionally, the students will be working through the Design Cycle of the International Baccalaureate (IB)

    program. Additional information about the IB program can be found at



    Grading will be done on the IB 8-point scale in each of these four objective categories: Inquiring and Analyzing, Developing Ideas, Creating the solution, and Evaluating. The rubric can be found on my web page at . Through the IB program, students will receive a minimum of two grades for each objective category per semester. Successful completion of this course will include maintaining a passing average in each semester. 


    Tanglewood MS has adopted the following grading scale for converting IB grades to HISD equivalent grades: 

    0 = 50, missing 1=60    2=65    3=70    4=75    5=85    6=90    7=95   8=100 



    Students are expected to follow all Tanglewood and HISD rules, maintain a positive attitude towards all persons, always do their best work, and ask questions when unsure of themselves. All personal electronic devices (phones, iPads, etc.) are to be turned off and stored in student backpacks at all times during technology classes. 


    Please feel free to contact me with questions throughout the school year. You may call the school at 713-625- 1411 and leave a message, or send me an email at the address above. 


    I look forward to a positive school year and exciting new challenges as we delve into a new level of learning




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