Ms. Womer
    ESL, ESL Reading, and Speech Communications
    Room 2005
    Period 3, Tuesday and Thursday
    Web Friendly Mapping Address www.houstonisd.org/bwomer  
    Teacher Bio
    I am a third year ESL teacher, originally from Pennsylvania. My first year of teaching was spent in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. I have my Master's degree in the Art of Education, with certifications in ESL, English, and Reading Specialist. I have a beautiful little dog named Rosie, who is spoiled and takes up way too much of my time. I love to travel, read, and kayak. Most of all, I love my students and what I do!
    Course Description
    ESL and ESL reading: These courses are devoted to building English language in four domains: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The goal for all students who are ESL is to move up, at least, one level on the IOWA language scale (beginning, intermediate, advanced, advanced high) and become a dynamic English language speaker, reader, and writer. It is mandatory for students to take and pass STAAR English I and STAAR English II prior to graduating high school. Through scaffolded instruction and an abundance of activities, students will have the tools to succeed in all endeavors.
    Speech Communication: This course is designed to analyze all aspects of communication as well as to develop student abilities in verbal and nonverbal communication. This course is informative and provides students with the opportunity to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses to build upon.
    Materials Required:
    • Pencil/Pen
    • Notebook
    • Folder
    • Textbook (remains in class unless noted otherwise)
    Grade Weights
    • Participation-  30%
    • Quizzes- 20%
    • Tests- 20%
    • Homework- 10%
    • Notebook- 20%
    Daily Procedures
    Each lesson is designed for students to reach and build upon their maximum learning potential.  All lessons include:
    • DO NOW- an short informative activity to open the days lesson.
    • Let's Talk- promotes scholarly discussion on academic topics.
    • Pencil to Paper- provides opportunities to write formally and informally on specific topics and extend student analysis.
    • Exit Ticket- closes the days lesson and provides students with an outlet to show mastery of the current topic

    Students read, write, listen, and speak in every class.

    Class Rules
    • Be respectful
    • Be open to others ideas
    • Come prepared
    • Listen and follow instructions the first time
    • Be thoughtful
    • Be timely
    • Complete work