Absence and Leave Information

  • Did you know HISD offers different types of leave benefits?

    We understand that employees need to take extended periods of time off for medical or personal reasons.

    That’s why HISD offers different leaves of absence to help employees deal with situations which require extended periods of time off from work. Eligible employees can apply for leave benefits if they need to take more than three days off for one of the following reasons: 

    • Medical (either personal or an immediate family member)
    • The birth or adoption of a child
    • Developmental
    • Military (other than reserves)
    • Political


    How do I know if I’m eligible for leave benefits?

    To make HISD’s leave administration process more convenient, the district has partnered with ADP to create the Houston ISD Absence Management Service Center. The center has representatives who will guide employees through the leave application process, and if granted, track their leave benefits. The center offers extended call center hours as well as a self-service website where employees can apply for or track their leave benefits.

    Employees should contact the Houston ISD Absence Management Service Center if they wish to apply for leave benefits. HISD’s Human Resources department also is still available to support employees who may have additional questions.

    Houston ISD Absence Management Service Center
    PO Box 34890
    Louisville, KY 40232

    Phone: 877-780-4473 (7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday)
    Fax: 866-568-6444
    Website: https://absence.adp.com


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