Leave of Absence (LOA)

  • In addition to Family Medical Leave (FML), the Houston Independent School District offers four additional leave types: Temporary Disability Leave, Developmental Leave, Political Leave, and Military Leave.

    Temporary Disability

    Temporary Disability Leave, for personal health (self only), shall be granted to all benefits-eligible/full-time employees who meet the criteria. The maximum length of such leave shall be 180 calendar days. This type of leave is typically for employees who are ineligible for FML.

    Developmental Leave

    An employee may be granted an unpaid leave for one year for the purpose of engaging in a study designed to improve the employee's professional competence. A Developmental Leave shall be effective at the beginning of the semester following the date of request. Upon request, such leave may be extended for one additional year. Upon returning, the employee must provide proof of the academic work completed.

    Political Leave

    An unpaid leave may be granted to any employee seeking or, if elected, serving in a public office. This leave is not to exceed four years if granted.

    Military Leave

    An employee who is inducted or called up for military duty in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States will be granted an unpaid military leave of absence. Upon return, the employee will be placed in a comparable position within the district. Military leave must not exceed five years, and the employee must return directly to HISD from military service.

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