High School Electives

  • Foreign Language

    AP Native Speakers: Students must take and pass an entrance exam to be eligible for this class.


    Eighth grade only. Students will learn how to research, interview and report in this course. They will fulfill ½ credit for high school graduation.

    Principles of Information Technology

    This class is open to 7th and 8th grade students. Students will develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. This class will enhance reading, writing, computing, communication and reasoning skills and apply them to the information technology environment. When a student completes the semester with an average of 70 or above, he/she will receive ½ high school credit.

    8th Grade Advanced Art

    Open to students by audition only. This class requires 2 year of beginning art. Students will continue to develop their draftsmanship to produce art that demonstrates refined observational skills, reflection, and sustained attention to complex problems using a variety of art media. Students will understand and apply art elements and principles effectively to communicate personal meanings and solve challenging visual problems, demonstrating skill and in-depth understanding of media and processes. Students will use appropriate vocabulary while responding to and analyzing visual artworks. Works produced in this class will lead to the creation of portfolio quality work. Auditions for this class take place in April. Students will earn one credit.


    High School Biology is the study of the structure and function of life systems. This is a laboratory oriented course which will include observations made on living organisms in the environment and on prepared specimens. It will include studies of various ecosystems and inherited traits. Student investigations emphasize accurate observations, collection of data, data analysis, and the safe manipulation of laboratory apparatus and materials in the field and the laboratory.

    Requirements:Must be concurrently taking either Algebra or Geometry AND pass a placement test covering 6th and 7th grade Science objectives with an 85% or higher.




    Principles of Applied Engineering

    Professional Communication