Kolter Elementary History and Culture

  • Kolter Elementary School takes its name from a heroic teacher who acted courageously during a school tragedy. Jennie Katherine Kolter taught at Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School. Alongside others, she gave her life protecting the children of Poe Elementary. Kolter Elementary School opened in 1960 and was named after Jennie Kolter to honor the heroism she showed in preventing more lives from being lost.

    Kolter is a Foreign Language Magnet School where children in grades K-5 study a foreign language and culture. In Kindergarten, students are introduced to and explore Chinese, French, and Spanish languages and cultures. In First Grade, students begin to focus on a single language. As they progress through the required core curriculum of Grades 1-5 in English, children also advance in a study of their chosen language. Kolter uses an integrated approach, developing foreign language skills while incorporating art, music, physical education, and technology instruction. Kolter provides students with diverse cultural opportunities throughout the school year.