Faculty and Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title
Laura Aasletten LAASLETT@houstonisd.org Dean of Instruction Middle school
Viviana Arocena Viviana.Arocena@houstonisd.org Middle School Math
Roxanne Avina RAVINA@houstonisd.org Administrative Assistant
Gunter Bax Gunter.Bax@houstonisd.org Middle School Social Studies
Angela Borzon ABORZON@houstonisd.org Teacher Specialist - Upper Elementary
Galen Brownley GBROWNLE@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Jennifer Bruner-Parison P00016750@houstonisd.org Theater Arts
Kenneth Clayborne KCLAYBOR@houstonisd.org Music
Shamanika Compton P00121323@houstonisd.org Special Education
Rebecca Corwin RCORWIN@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Rocio Diaz RDIAZ7@houstonisd.org Special Education
Sandra Diaz SDIAZ2@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Tian Ding P00109219@houstonisd.org ART
Patricia Dore PDORE@houstonisd.org Children's House
Christin Dreher P00110659@houstonisd.org Children's House
Karen Dunham P00016088@houstonisd.org Special Education Resource
Carrrie Durham Carrie.Durham@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Elke Eisenhauer P00129493@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Debby Ellisor P00123023@houstonisd.org Middle School
James Faber JFABER@houstonisd.org Special Education
Maria Fantini MFANTINI@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Curtney Fleming courtney.fleming@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Adriana Garcia AGARCIA5@houstonisd.org Children House
Martin Garza P00025565@houstonisd.org Physical Education
Arnulfo Gonzalez Martinez P00138603@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary