• The 8th Grade Science Team, applied for and received a $3,000 grant from the National Wildlife Federation to build and maintain a butterfly garden to serve as a habitat for the Monarch Butterfly during its migration season. The initial $2,000 received was used to create the garden and purchase materials, tools, soil, and plants. The remaining $1,000 will be awarded next year to maintain and improve the garden.


    Students worked in building the garden and planting specific flowers and plants, such as milkweed, which are a mainstay of the Monarch butterfly. The garden will allow the butterflies to lay eggs, feed, and provide shelter during their migration.


    Students will monitor the garden and observe the metamorphosis of the butterflies as the caterpillars form a chrysalis and then emerge about 10 days later as a butterfly.

     The Monarch Butterfly
      Monarch Caterpillar becoming a Chrysalis
     Monarch Emerging from a Chrysalis
      Monarch Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis 
     Pictures from http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/