• LinkCard
    The Learning Link is a collaborative effort between HPL, City of Houston, H-E-B and HISD to rise to the White House ConnectED Challenge pledging to link students to essential resources to achieve success in school and beyond. The Learning Link is a student’s educational passport to check out books, use online tools and access other services for free at all HPL locations and at home. It is a special library account that utilizes a student’s ID number, making it easy for students to remember. All the previous students that were enrolled in the learning link program last year will have access to their learning link account on the first day of school. All new and incoming students will have their accounts set up by the return from the Labor Day holiday.

    Key Benefits of the Learning Link:
    • Its easily accessed through the HISD Hub 
    • Kids have the ability of check out up to 10 books on their card
    • Parents do not have to fill out a form for their child to have access to their learning link card
    • They can access pretty much all the databases that HPL have to offer which can be a huge help when it comes to working on a project.
    • Students can also use their Learning Link card to check out EBooks that may not be available on the shelf through OverDrive and Axis360
    • Teachers can use the online resources in the class room. 
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