Student Dress Code


    • School appropriate pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers
    • Must be worn at waist level
    • No midriffs should be visible at any time
    • Skirts or shorts no more than four inches above the middle of the knee as judged by school staff
    • Leggings/jeggings may not be worn alone.  They must be worn with shorts, skirts, skorts or dresses.

    • Oversized, undersized, torn, cut, or frayed pants are not permitted

    Shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts:

    • School appropriate shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets
    • Official Sinclair T-shirts are mandatory for all field trips
    • Oversized hoodies are not permitted
    • Spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts and tank tops are not permitted
    • Hats and hoods are not permitted in building



    • Safe shoes must be worn at all times and must be appropriate for all school activities
    • For safety reasons, platform shoes, spiked heels, combat boots, steel-toed boots, or any backless shoes including clogs, crocs, shoes with wheels, house shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, or water socks are not permitted
    • Students who are unable to tie their shoes independently should wear shoes that do not require being tied.

    Additional guidelines:

    • All clothing items, including jewelry and watches, may not distract from the educational process
      • For safety reasons, earrings should be studs
    • Any items depicting the occult, gang membership, death, suicide, violence, drugs, sex, race, gender obscenities, alcohol, items with double meanings, or anything else deemed inappropriate are not allowed
    • Hair color and style may not be disruptive to the educational process
    • Hats or caps may not be worn inside the school building
    • Make-up may not be worn or carried on campus
      • Color and style of nail polish should be school appropriate

    Dress codes are implemented to promote school safety and minimize distractions. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for actions that may be taken for disregarding the school dress code. All decisions regarding length of clothing, level of distraction and school appropriateness will be determined by the school administration and be final.