Prior to Employment

  • What happens if I am selected as an associate teacher for HISD?
    If you are selected as an associate teacher, you will be invited to an in-person interview session with someone from our Human Resources team. Upon passing your interview, you will be asked to be fingerprinted by SBEC, attend a pre-scheduled pre-hire session and attend an Associate Teacher Orientation where you will be provided your HISD employee badge/number, computer/network password, and Aesop training.
    * ALL communication is sent through email only*
    I am in an Alternative Certification Program (ACP). Can I get hired as an associate teacher in HISD?
    Yes. If you have not completed your certification requirements (including student teaching or internship), please consider applying for the position of associate teacher districtwide.
    What happens if I was previously fingerprinted?
    State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) requires that all associate teachers be fingerprinted. Applicants who previously completed digital fingerprints through the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) will be accessed and reviewed for eligibility.
    How do I contact the associate teacher selection department if I have questions?
    Communication from Human Resources (for Associate Teacher concerns) will typically come from Please make sure to add this email address to your approved senders so our e-mail does not go to your spam/junk folder.

Once Employed

  • How may I request employment verification as an associate teacher?
    Employment verification can be requested via the HISD site, by using the following links:
    What happens if I need help retrieving my login credentials for HISD portal or AESOP?
    Please contact the Service Desk at (713) 892-7378 for assistance with usernames and passwords for the HISD portal. For questions on how to access the login page to AESOP please refer to *When contacting the Service Desk always leave an alternative email address and/or phone number.*
    I do not know my HISD email address
    In order to get your HISD email address, please contact the Helpdesk at 713-892-7378 and select option 3 (technology) then option 2 (Microsoft Outlook Help)
    How do I get access to my HISD email from home to request information about my AESOP account?
    • Logon to
    • Click the sign in button at the top right corner of your screen
    • Select Employee Portal
    • Type in User name and network password (Contact the Help desk if you do not know)
    • Click Get My Email
    • Type in “AD\” then your “username” (ex. AD\dem44)
    What is AESOP?
    I need to change my telephone number in AESOP
    • Logon to
    • Click myhisd
    • Click ONESOURCE ESS REMOTE and sign in using your network credentials
      • Enter last 6 digits of SSN
    • Click Personal Profile
    • Click on the pencil icon next to your personal information
    • Edit your personal address and/or phone number
    • After updating your information click Save
    What happens if I have questions regarding my paycheck?
    For any questions pertaining directly to your check please contact Employee Services at (713)556-7400 press option 6.
    I have been placed in a long-term assignment and I will need to be absent. How will my absence alter my long-term status?
    When placed in a long-term assignment you can miss one day only. Once you miss two consecutive days, your long-term count will restart in order to obtain long-term pay.

    * Long-term status is not a position and is subject to availability. It is a need based type of assignment that is 10 or more consecutive days, for the same classroom and same teacher. To be considered for long-term assignment pay, you must hold a Bachelor's degree. Long term assignments are only to be accepted for full-time certified teacher roles only*
    If I have accepted an assignment and I need to cancel who do I contact?
    Please contact the campus directly if you are unable to commit to your assignment. Cancellation of an assignment the day of the job prohibits the associate teacher from accepting another assignment that day. You must give the campus notice of any cancellations 24 hours prior to the start of the assignments.
    Will I have to attend orientation and what can I expect?
    Yes. All associate teachers and contract teachers transferred in the associate teacher pool must attend AESOP training. The associate teacher orientation is an important part of the onboarding process. Orientation covers the AESOP management system, classroom management, and associate teacher expectations. Associate Teacher Orientation is by invitation only.  You will receive an email invitation to attend orientation.

    Note: Once you receive your invitation, you will have 30 days from the initial invite to attend. If you do not attend an orientation within the 30 days, you will be terminated as an associate teacher and need to reapply for the following school year.
    If I previously had benefits as a full-time employee and transferred into the associate teacher role will I retain my health and welfare benefits?
    All benefits will be discontinued effective immediately. However, you may retain your benefits under the Affordable Care Act. If you retain benefits based on eligibility under ACA, your benefits will simply continue as well as your payroll deductions. If you earn benefits eligibility under ACA and you are not enrolled, you will be sent an email from the Benefits Service Center indicating that you have the right to enroll. Remember, ACA requires that you work on average of 30 hours each week over a certain period. Most categories of associate teachers are not eligible for benefits (medical, life insurance, etc.) Generally, dedicated associate teachers (those that report to the same campus on a daily basis) are eligible for benefits. If you were enrolled in benefits and you do not retain them when moving in the associate teacher roll, you will receive a COBRA packet that will allow you to retain your benefits. A comprehensive review of the HISD benefits package may be found at
    What happens to my accumulated leave time? Do I get to keep time earned?
    Accumulated Local Leave is lost. Accumulated State Leave remains banked.
    If I use leave days advanced to me, will I owe the district money upon transfer?
    Yes. Please contact Employee Services: 713-556-7400 or the Human Resource Answer line email: if you have questions concerning your leave time or pay.