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  • Classification of Associate Teachers
    • Associate teachers are categorized by their degree and teacher certification status, as well as by the duration of the teaching assignment.
    • A detailed table of categories and pay scale can be found by clicking here.
    • To assure the proper category and pay rate, the associate teacher is required to provide any supporting documentation associated with the position, such as college transcripts, teaching certificates, etc.
    Pay Information
    • Associate teachers are paid on the same payday schedule as regular employees. All HISD employees are paid for a two-week pay period beginning on a Monday and ending on Sunday. Paychecks are issued on Wednesday, 10 days following the close of the pay period.
    • Associate teachers are hourly employees and are paid for the hours worked. Associate teachers are not compensated for lunch time or for days that they do not work, including holidays and days when an assignment is not given.
    • All HISD employees are required to participate in direct deposit. Pay statements are not mailed but may be accessed through OneSource on the HISD Employee Portal.
    • All categories of associate teachers except Dedicated Associate Teachers pay into the federal Social Security system. Dedicated Associate Teachers contribute to TRS (Teacher Retirement System of Texas) rather than Social Security. TRS retirees (those receiving a monthly annuity check from TRS) do not contribute to TRS or social security.
    • Most categories of associate teachers are not entitled to benefits (medical benefits, life insurance, etc.). Only Dedicated Associate Teachers are eligible for benefits. A comprehensive overview of associate teacher HISD benefits packages may be found in the HISD Benefits Website
    Paid Leave Days
    • Most categories of associate teachers do not receive paid leave days. There are two exceptions:
      • Long-term associate teachers (degreed associates placed in the same position/classroom for more than 10 consecutive days) earn one paid personal leave day for every 20 consecutive days worked. Accrued leave days are forfeited upon release or resignation from the assignment.
      • Dedicated Associate Teachers earn five state personal leave days per complete school year.
    • Most assignments are processed through the computerized system called Frontline (AESOP).
    • A long-term assignment is one for the same position/school lasting more than 10 consecutive days. These vacancies are usually the result of a contract teacher's illness, approved leave, or teacher vacancy. An associate teacher who is given a long-term assignment should assume normal classroom instruction and is expected to carry out the same duties as a regular teacher.          
    Expectations of Associate Teachers
    • Student safety is our highest priority. We expect all associate teachers to be familiar with campus procedures, such as fire drills, evacuation plans, and arrival/dismissal procedures. In an emergency, there is no time to read procedures. Associate teachers are expected to familiarize themselves with campus procedures and evacuation routes as early as possible. 
    • Associate teachers are expected to be on an assignment within one (1) hour of receiving the position (through the Frontline phone system) or by the start time of the assignment designated by Frontline.
    • Associate teachers are expected to work eight (8) days per month during the academic school year.
    • Associate teachers are expected to work the 7.25 hours a teacher would normally work, excluding lunch periods. Unlike contracted teachers, associate teachers are not compensated for lunch hours and are not guaranteed planning periods.
    • Associate teachers are expected to report to the assignments that they accept. “No Shows” are not acceptable and may result in being terminated as an associate teacher.
    • Confirmation numbers provided through Frontline provide verification of an assignment. Details of the assignment are entered into Frontline, but campuses may change the assignment for the needs of the children. Associate teachers should maintain flexibility for an assignment to serve schools. Refusing to accept an assignment is considered an immediate cancellation on behalf of the associate teacher, and the district does not have liability to compensate if work is not performed.
    • Associate teachers should not cancel assignments within 24 hours of the assignment without an excused reason (illness, death in the family, etc.). Cancellations must be reported to the campus originating the assignment (not the Human Resources office).  

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