Substitute Teacher Frontline Resources

  • I am a new substitute teacher, and I do not have my log-in credentials.
    Send an email to from your HISD email account containing your name and employee ID number to request Frontline information.
    As a substitute teacher, where do I go to find assignments?
    There are two ways that a substitute teacher can find assignments from Frontline.
    • By telephone: 1-800-942-3767
    • Online: Frontline
      • Logon to Frontline
      • Click Available Jobs
    How do I customize Frontline so that I only see schools where I am interested in?
    1. Logon to Frontline
    2. Click Preferences
    3. Click Schools
    4. Select your preferred schools
    5. Click Save.
    I do not see any available jobs.
    A number of factors affect the amount of jobs you will see or will be called for:
    • The number of absences reported: Absence rates are higher at certain times of the year, lower in others. If absence rates are low, available assignments will be scarce.
    • Your preferred schools list: If you have a very small list, or have configured your list incorrectly, you will see few or no assignments. Instructions on how to configure your preferred schools list are available by logging into your Frontline account, clicking the Help tab, and then watching the training video.
    • Teacher preferred sub lists: Teachers can set up preferred substitute lists. Subs on teachers’ preferred sub lists will be offered assignments before subs who are not. Subs who are on no teacher preferred sub lists will see fewer assignments than subs that are on many preferred lists.
    How do I stop getting automated calls from Frontline?
    1. Logon to Frontline
    2. Click Preference
    3. Click Call Times
    4. In the upper right corner, locate Accept phone calls for available jobs
    5. Select NO
    6. Click OK
    I am having technical issues with my Frontline. Whom do I contact?
    Unfortunately, HISD does not offer Frontline support over the phone. In order to resolve any technical issue, email
    Where do I go if I want to know more information about the utilization of Frontline?
    Click here for substitute teacher Frontline assistance.
    As a substitute teacher, how do I leave feedback for a teacher?
    Click here to give feedback to a teacher.

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