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  • How do I hire a districtwide associate teacher for my campus only?

    The Human Resources Processing team will only expedite a candidate's hire process based on a need for a long-term associate teacher.

    This type of request must be sent to the associate teacher inbox and must come directly from principals.

    How do I request AESOP access for campus employees?

    AESOP is used to link associate teachers with teacher absences.

    To request access send an email to the SubAnswer inbox with the employee's full name and employee ID number. Reminder: Please keep in mind not all employee types will be granted AESOP access.

    Frequently used AESOP features

    Listed below are the most common Campus User day to day functions. To learn more about how AESOP works, viewing daily reports, reconciling absences, absence variations and more click here.

    Frequently used AESOP features:

    Excluding an associate teacher from your campus

    Exclusions will be done by either the Principal or anyone with campus user access (Secretaries/Administrative Assistant). When excluding an associate teacher, it is required that notes are placed in the comments section in order for your exclusion to be valid. Failure to input notes will result in the exclusion being removed by Human Resources.

    You can access this feature by: Selecting Settings > School > Excluded Substitute > Add Substitute > Search (Type in their name) > Select the box near their name > Select "Add to Excluded Substitute List".

    Requesting campus profile changes in AESOP

    Please submit profile contact information and time changes to the SubAnswer inbox.

    Time changes need to be requested using the following format:

    Start/end times