CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken the first step towards earning FREE college tuition! Please click the link below to apply to the Worthing ECHS. The forms needed to complete your application are in the link below.

  • Enrollment Policy

    Any current or entering high school student is eligible for admission into the Worthing Early College High School. Eligible students planning to attend Worthing Early College High School (ECHS) and complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree must meet the minimum requirements on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). Shall a student not desire to complete an AA or AAS, or who has not met the minimum requirements on the TSI, dual credit courses are also offered that, upon completion, result in students receiving a Level 1 Workforce Certificate in addition to possible industry certifications. Current high school students wishing to transfer to Worthing ECHS, will speak with a counselor to conduct a transcript audit to create a plan for completing one of the degree plans.

    Application Process - 
    • Complete the online application 
    • Turn in the following forms to your school counselor or deliver to Worthing HS:
      •       Counselor Recommendation Form
      •       Parent Expectations Form
      •       Teacher Recommendations (2 minimum - from a core content)
    All applications will be reviewed.
    Please contact the school at 713-733-3433 if you have questions. Remember to watch for important event dates on our Worthing ECHS website.