• Worthing Early College High School (ECHS) has partnered with Houston Community College (HCC) to provide students a unique and valuable entry level experience to the college education system. Students enrolled in the ECHS, have the opportunity to receive both college and high school credit for their work , that can be applied towards earning their high school diploma and a two-year Associates degree:

    • Associates of Arts
    • AAS - Hospitality Management   

    College Access and Affordability

    College level courses provided as part of the ECHS degree plans are tuition-free, reducing the financial burden of college on students and their families who mainly come from low socio-economic households. Enrolled students have the opportunity to complete college level course work while still having immediate access to services typical to a traditional high school such as counselors, nurses, social workers, etc.

    Career Pathway Exposure
    Worthing ECHS students will benefit from early exposure to and experience with high demand career pathways greatly increasing the available post-secondary opportunities for continued education or transition into the career workforce.