• 8th Grade Community Project Guide


     What can YOU do to change the world?


    The IB MYP Community Project is one of your defining moments as a Tanglewood Gator and an IB MYP student. It showcases everything you have learned at Tanglewood so far. It allows you to show your creativity, and empowers you to make a difference.


    The Community Project is required of all Year 3 (8th grade) students at Tanglewood. It is an opportunity to think about things you have learned in class, current events, and what you are passionate about, and combine them into an actionable plan to make a difference in the community-at-large.


    For in-depth information about the Community Project, download our Student Guide by clicking here.


    The are four phases to the Community Project that correspond to the areas you will be assessed on at its completion:


    A: Investigating

    • Identify the type of action you want to take. Do you want to raise awareness, actively participate, research, inform others, create/innovate, change behaviors, advocate, etc.?
    • Define the community you want to service (campus, city, state, nation, world, people, animals, groups, etc.).
    • Research the goal and the community. Brainstorm ideas and experiment with ideas. Take lots of notes in your process journal.


    B: Planning

    • Define the goal or need you are pursuing. This should be based on personal interests (something you care about).
    • Develop a proposal for action to serve the need of the community you identify.
    • Make plans, set deadlines, and demonstrate self-management skills.
    • Record everything you are doing in your process journal.


    C: Taking Action

    • Do something, make something, etc. — this is the whole point of the project.
    • Demonstrate good thinking skills, communication skills, and social skills.


    D: Reflecting

    • Evaluate the quality of your action, compared to what you planned.
    • What worked and what didn’t? Why?
    • Think about how the project has changed you as a person.
    • Think about what you have learned while working on the project.