Pre-K at Kolter

  • Pre-K Overview

    The preschool year program is geared for children who are four years old. This is an exciting time for many children as they transition from other preschool environments or home to a more structured setting. The preschool program follows the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines through the use of integrated units over six 6 week grading periods. The domain skill areas covered through the integrated units are social emotional development, language and communication, emergent literacy in reading and writing, social studies, mathematics, science, fine arts, physical development, and technology.

    Pre-K Enrollment Information

    We have one Pre-K 4 classroom at Kolter Elementary that consists of 22 students every year. If you are interested in our Pre-K program, please follow the steps below:


    If you are interested in applying for your child to be in the Kolter Pre-K class (whether you are zoned or not), please follow the steps below. Your child must be 4 years old by September 1st of the upcoming school year. Please make sure that you fill out an application for Pre-K between September 19th and April 30th. The lottery for Pre-K will run in May of 2022 and you will receive an email notification of your child's application status. 


    • Create an account and application HERE or visit
    • Enter your child’s student information and family information.
    • Under Magnet & Program Choice Transfers scroll down to “Open Enrollment” and check “Pre-K Enrollment”.
    • Under the School Selection tab scroll down to “Kolter Elementary”.
    • Click the down arrow and check “Kolter Elementary/PreK Enrollment” under “Transfers”. Scroll all the way down and click “Continue”.
    • If you apply to more than one program, it will ask you to rank your choices.
    • If you have any other children who are applying, are in the district, or attend Kolter, please fill out their information under the “Siblings” tab.
    • If you have twins, check that the sibling is a twin. Click “Continue”.
    • This will bring you to the “PK Criteria” tab. Please read the information carefully to determine if your child would be considered a “Non-Tuition TEA Eligible” student or a “Tuition (TEA Non-Eligible)” student and select the appropriate radio button.
    • Sign the application electronically and complete the application by submitting.
    • At this time, there is no information that needs to be directly submitted to the school. 

    Pre-K Tuition

    • The tuition for Pre-K varies from year-to-year and is subject to change and/or increase for the 2021-2022 school year. This year, the tuition is $553 per month or $5,534 for the year. HERE is a link to the Pre-K Parent Contract for 2020-2021. If your child qualifies for Pre-K based on a home language other than English, family income, or being a military family, then your family will not pay tuition. In order for your child to qualify as a TEA Eligible candidate for language, please indicate it on your child's application and we will contact you in the late spring to schedule a language test date. 

    Pre-K Family Engagement Plan 

    Please click HERE to see our Pre-K Family Engagement Plan.