Houston Community College  &  North Forest High School Program
    Directions for Applying for Admission to HCC Online
    For Academic Dual Credit Students

    Applying for Admission to HCC is the first step that a student must take before he or she can enroll in a Dual Credit class. Here are instructions on how to do it. You can complete this step from an internet-connected computer. You should complete this step (Step I) just as soon as possible. This process gets you into the HCC database but does not get you into a Dual Credit class. A student MUST be in the HCC database before anything else can happen. Information on qualifying for college-level classes (Step II) is located on the reverse side of this letter. Directions for enrolling in classes (Step III), and applying for a tuition waiver (Step IV) will be provided to you separately.

    Directions for Applying for Admission to HCCS online at www.hccs.edu

    1. 1Go to www. hccs.edu and click on “For Students,” then “Application,” and then “New Applicant” and  follow directions.        
    • You will need your correct date of birth to complete the process.
    • You will need your Social Security number to complete the process.
      • If you do not have a Social Security number, you may still complete the online application as long as you have a valid visa. Leave the social security space blank. HCC will assign you a number.
      • If you do not have a Social Security number or valid visa, you must enroll in person at an HCC campus.


    • You are a resident of Texas if you were born in Texas or if you have lived in Texas for one year.
    • You will be enrolling in semester credit hour course or courses toward an associate or bachelor degree.
    • Select concurrent enrollment; it means the same as Dual Credit.
    • You may select an appropriate area of study including General Studies or Liberal Arts.
    • IMPORTANT: When asked, check the box for Semester Credit Hour--DO NOT check Adult High School or Continuing Education!
    • If you were born in the U.S., ignore the request for a “Permanent Residency Number.” It does not apply to you.
    • Be sure to put in the correct city and county of your residency.

    1. You MUST apply for admission ONLINE in order to get into the HCCS database and receive an HCC Student Identification Number.  The number will be assigned to you before you complete the application process. Write down your HCC Identification Number and save it. HCC maintains its student records by a student’s number, not by a student’s name. If you loose your number, it may be retrieved by clicking on prompt “Forgot User I.D” or you may receive help at the college to retrieve it using your Social Security number.
    2. After a student completes the HCC online Application, he or she should elect to print out the HCC “Acceptance Letter.”Make sure to write your HCC Student Identification Number on the “Acceptance Letter” to help you remember it. The student will also be able to print a copy of his or her application. Once the online Application window is closed, however, you may not go back into the Application again. If you made an error and closed out the Application, you must go to an HCC campus to get the error corrected. An example of an error would be selecting Adult High School rather than semester credit hour.