Access HISD Office 365 Account

  • A guide on how to access your school's Office 365 account. Gain access to your school Email, Teams, OneDrive, class notes, and more.

Accessing and using MS Teams

  • A quick guide on how to access and use Teams, if you do not have the MS Teams app on your device.

Accessing the HUB

  • Main portal for announcements and submitting assignments.

Free AP Prep Study Guides

Access HCC Classes (10th - 12th Grade Only)

  • Access your HCC Canvas account in order to gain access to your HCC classes.

Accessing Textbooks

  • Access your school online textbooks through these platforms. Please sign in using your Student credentials when you open the video This video has been organized in the following manner so students can skip to the section associated with their particular book(s)/platform.
    1. Overview of Textbook Distribution
    2. Using the Bridge platform (2:00 mark)
    3. Accessing the Norton platform (14:44 mark)
    4. Accessing Macmillan/LaunchPad (17:50 mark)
    5. Accessing other platforms (20:04 mark)
    6. Summary/Barnes & Noble (21:28 mark)


Last Modified on January 14, 2021