Student ID

  • A CECHS student identification card is useful for many identification purposes. They are printed out on-the-spot in the Tech Support Office, and the process usually takes about 5 minutes.


    The ID cards are color-coded according to what grade you're in. They are as follows:

    White - 12th Grade

    Gray - 11th Grade

    Blue - 10th Grade

    Red - 9th Grade


    Usually a photo can be taken in the office. If you would rather provide your own, it has to be a well-lit photo of you against a white background, fully facing the camera, with at least a 150ppi (pixels per inch) resolution. Only the view from the shoulders up will be used so photos in strapless tops will not be accepted. Your face must also be identifiable, of course. Basically the same as a passport photo!


    If you would like a student ID outside of scheduled days during the school year, please email to schedule an appointment.


    They are free if damaged as long as you bring it in with you, and it will be shredded after the new one is printed. However, lost/stolen IDs are $5 for the first replacement and $10 for each additional replacement.




Last Modified on August 13, 2021