If a student loses the laptop, case, strap, and/or charger, he/she will be responsible for paying the cost.

    • Power Charger $32.00
    • Laptop Battery $80.00
    • Laptop Case $38.00
    • Laptop $1,089 (*if a police report has not been previously filed)


    If a student has lost PowerUp equipment, the student is responsible for paying for the replacement items. The student will be invoiced for the missing items and are responsible for paying the invoice. Students must pay all outstanding invoices prior to graduation. It is highly recommended that students take care of clearing these invoices immediately. Payments can be made for lost items on SchoolPay. If a student had a device stolen, they must have a police report and file appropriate paperwork with Mr. Chavez in order to not be held responsible for the lost PowerUp technology.