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    • Click to compelte the Student Assistance Form
    • You should create/submit a Student Assistance Form (SAF) if you see a student who requires a crisis intervention such as (but not limited to):
        • Basic Needs: Food, shelter, or clothing needs
        • Mental Health: Signs of emotional trauma, outbursts, patterns
        • Safety and intervention: Legal Support
        • Immigration: Deportation, lack of access to necessary services
        • Other: Jobs/Internships/Extracurricular Activities


    • Haga clic aquí para completar el formulario de asistencia al estudiante
    • Debe crear / enviar un Formulario de asistencia para estudiantes (SAF) si ve a un estudiante que requiere una intervención en caso de crisis como (pero no limitado a):
      • Necesidades básicas: Necesidades de comida, refugio o ropa.
      • Salud mental: signos de trauma emocional, arrebatos, patrones
      • Seguridad e intervención: Soporte legal
      • Inmigración: deportación, falta de acceso a los servicios necesarios
      • Otros: Trabajos / Pasantías / Actividades extracurriculares


    Social & Emotional Learning

    Our social and emotional programming is based on the understanding that supportive relationships help make learning challenging, engaging, and meaningful. We help students develop skills to manage their emotions, form positive relationships, feel empathy for others, and make responsible decisions. This year, we are increasing our number of certified counselors and expanding our trauma-informed care practices to better support students as they transition back to in-person learning. For more information, visit HoustonISD.org/SEL.


    Wraparound Services

    This year, HISD has expanded its Wraparound Services program to all 276 HISD campuses. Wraparound service specialists support students and families by connecting them with community-based resources to address issues that impact learning, such as mental and physical health and food and housing insecurity. For more information, visit HoustonISD.org/Wraparound.


    Crisis Response & Prevention

    Our crisis intervention team strives to increase student success by addressing emotional and behavioral barriers to learning. Among our tools are intervention services, behavioral consultations, and trauma support for students, parents, and employees. Made up of licensed specialists in school psychology, licensed professional counselors, and professional school counselors, the crisis intervention team also trains school staff on suicide prevention, self-injury, trauma response, and mental health awareness. For more information, visit HoustonISD.org/CrisisResponse.


    Physical Health

    COVID-19 has underscored the importance of health, fitness, and physical activity. In addition to being fun for children, regular physical activity has many health benefits, including strengthening bones, decreasing blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing self-esteem, and helping with weight management. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children ages 3 to 5 should be active throughout the day. Children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 years should be physically active at least 60 minutes each day. For more information, visit CDC.gov/PhysicalActivity/Basics/Children.


    College & Career Readiness

    In HISD, we aim to ensure every student graduates ready to enter their chosen college or career. At the middle school level, Project Explore provides college and career readiness planning support. At the high school level, every HISD school offers personalized college advising through our Ignite program for grades 9-11, our Launch program for seniors, and our Orbit program that helps graduates with their postsecondary transition. The district also offers 16 different Career and Technical Education pathways, allowing students to graduate with industry-recognized certifications in high-growth, high-demand career fields. For more information, visit HoustonISD.org/CollegeReadiness or HoustonISD.org/CareerReadiness.