• AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

    AVID gives educators nationwide a solution for systematically increasing academic rigor and creating engaging learning environments, accelerating the performance of underrepresented students and delivery results schoolwide. 
    AVID’s Path to Success starts with providing students the opportunity to thrive while supporting them academically, socially and emotionally on their journey to succeed.

    Content Teacher:
    • Utilizes WICOR strategies in their content-area class.
    • Is committed to student success and improved student learning.
    • Is active in schoolwide reform and restructuring.
    • Is committed to the AVID philosophy that all students should have equal access to, and support for success in, rigorous college prep courses.
    • Holds high academic expectations for students and models a growth mindset.
    • Trained in, understands, and enthusiastically implements AVID methodologies, materials, and strategies in classroom instruction.
    • WICORizes lesson plans.
    • Collaborates with the AVID Site Team.
    • Performs as an advocate for AVID by encouraging other content teachers to adopt the AVID philosophy through modeling and departmental discussion.
    • Supports AVID through attendance at AVID functions and activities.
    • Refers potential students to the AVID Site Coordinator.
    • Assists with AVID’s Data Collection and Certification processes

    AVID Elective Teacher:
    • Sets high expectations for student achievement and monitors students’ progress.
    • Promotes the use of WICOR strategies by all AVID students in all classes.
    • Assists in the training of tutors using the AVID tutorial training materials.
    • Advocates for AVID students, especially with challenges of access and equity in advanced courses.
    • Assists the Site Team with Certification and Data Collection (including Senior Data) and gathers artifacts on the Coaching and Certification Instrument (CCI) to verify levels of performance.
    • Is an active member of the Site Team, promoting schoolwide use of WICOR strategies.
    • Advocates and provides professional learning regarding AVID methodologies for other staff members of the school and district.

    • Is ideally, the same person for all AVID students during the course of their high school experience.
    • Works closely with the AVID Site Coordinator to develop a plan for articulation and recruitment.
    • Promotes AVID as an elective and counsels students and parents on overcoming obstacles and breaking stereotypes.
    • Refers students to the AVID Site Coordinator to initiate the selection process.
    • Facilitates registration of AVID students into rigorous courses with appropriate teachers.
    • Confers with AVID parents and students to plan a long-term college prep course of study, including information about the application process for college and financial aid procedures.
    • Communicates on a regular basis with the Site Coordinator, teachers, and parents/guardians regarding the progress of AVID students.
    • Visits classrooms of content teachers to monitor students’ needs.
    • Establishes links with counselors at other sites and grade levels to develop articulated courses of study for AVID students.
    • Participates in AVID activities such as field trips, parent/guardian meetings, and Site Team meetings

    AVID Site Coordinator:
    • Is a strong student advocate, who is committed to the philosophy of AVID, including the support for equity and access for all students to advanced classes.
    • Leads the building of an active, participatory AVID Site Team.
    • Acts as the liaison between the Site Team, principal, and District Director, and between the AVID counselor, AVID Elective/Excel Elective teacher, and principal.

    • Oversees and is responsible for Certification and Data Collection, including engaging the members of the Site Team in the collection of evidence and providing data.
    • Collaborates with different sites and grade levels to articulate AVID curriculum and activities.
    • Advocates and provides professional learning regarding AVID methodologies for other staff members of the school and district.

    AVID Tutor:
    • Is trained in AVID methodologies through tutor training given by the regional support staff.
    • Provides academic support to students in order to ensure success in rigorous coursework.
    • Leads subject-specific tutorial groups.
    • Provides direct instruction under the Site Coordinator’s supervision.
    • Acts as a role model for AVID students.
    • Informs AVID Elective/Excel Elective teacher of students’ progress.
    • Assists in the organization and participation of functions and activities.
    • Advocates for AVID among college peers in order to build a pool of tutors

    • Provide emotional, philosophical, and academic support to students by:
    o Showing interest in their schoolwork
    o Providing them with a time and a place to study
    o Insisting that they do their homework and class assignments
    o Attending AVID functions and activities
    o Advising and assisting them in developing responsible decision-making

    AVID FRAGA Students:
    • Possess the desire and potential to succeed in rigorous courses.
    • Are committed to working hard in order to attain goals.
    • Exhibit a positive attitude toward themselves and others.
    • Are open to new experiences in all phases of AVID.
    • Want to become independent learners.
    • Act as model students in the classroom by taking notes, listening, questioning, and being prepared.
    • Willingly cooperate and collaborate with peers as part of a team.
    • Share work for the purpose of improving it.
    • Keep parents informed of academic progress.
    • Expect and anticipate college enrollment after graduation.
    • Become actively involved in a variety of campus activities

    • Supports the goals of the system.
    • Positively reinforces the importance of education.
    • Shares information about various career options.
    • Provides summer apprenticeship and internship opportunities. 

    • Provides philosophical and financial support for AVID teachers, students, and tutors. 
    • Acts as a liaison with district administration.
    • Is an active member of the AVID Site Team.
    • Supports the equity and access of all students to AP, honors, and other advanced courses.
    • Supports the AVID Site Coordinator in the role of selection, assignment, and evaluation of AVID tutors.
    • Coordinates AVID with other categorical and core curriculum programs to provide alignment.
    • Communicates and encourages support for AVID teachers, parents, and the community.
    • Contacts community partners and organizations for support in obtaining materials, such as computers, notebooks, etc

    • Provides motivational/informational speakers.
    • Promotes a mentor program.
    • Allows for an exchange program with professors of freshman-level classes.
    • Provides opportunities for AVID students to attend speaker days at the college.
    • Expedites AVID students’ college applications and financial aid papers.
    • Includes AVID students in Summer Bridge programs.
    • Tracks AVID students throughout their freshman year and gives tutorial or social/emotional support, if needed