• Roberts G/T model: The district's G/T curriculum calls for modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the curriculum, which our IB curriculum offers differentiation and special instruction in the areas of content knowledge, product development, and research processes. Our G/T students receive the majority of their core subjects with peers who are not identified as gifted and talented. We do not offer a pull-out or push-in program. They are serviced by their homeroom teacher through small-group instruction and optional extension/enrichment activities or projects.

    G/T students use inquiry techniques to generate ideas about a topic, issue, or question. Some models include using creative problem-solving, inquiry processes, and/or advanced thinking skills. These processes include understanding what the student already knows about the topic, discovering the known facts about the topic, brainstorming ideas about the topic, synthesizing and evaluating information, and establishing conclusions. Roberts uses the IIM research process.


    Differentiating instruction allows teachers to provide specialized instruction for G/T students within the regular classroom. It is a method of individualizing instruction to meet the needs of all students---students who are identified as G/T and other students as well. When teachers differentiate, they assign G/T students different tasks that lead to learning that is meaningful for them. Differentiation for G/T students should focus on production, allowing students to exhibit their learning through abstract and concrete products. Differentiation is done through small-group instruction, Daily 5/Daily 3 stations, and choice menus.


    G/T students may:

    • work on certain activities or be provided resources for specific topics in the student's gifted area
    • work on extension activities specifically designed for the student's gifted area
    • work on self-directed tasks that would incorporate learning contracts, learning objects, webquests, virtual classrooms, etc.


    IB Program: https://www.houstonisd.org/domain/43478