• Internet Safety  
    The Internet has lots of interesting websites you can visit and lots of fun things to do. But just like the real world, the Internet is not a place you should go to by yourself. You should always have your parents or teachers there when you use the Internet so they can help you stay safe.

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    Remember these Internet Safety Rules:

    When you use the Internet, always get permission first and have an adult there to help you.

      Never give personal information on the Internet without an adult's permission. Your name, your age, phone number, where you live, and pictures are personal information. Don't share your password.

      Don't talk to strangers on the Internet. Tell an adult if someone tries to get information from you. Don't click on ads on a website. 

      Show good computer manners. Keep your hands clean, treat the computer gently, don't say anything mean or hurtful about someone.

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