• CyberBullying

    What does it mean to be safe online? Being aware that making smart choices when you are online will keep you safe.  Stay safe by following these tips:



    • Passwords protect you! Don't share a password with anyone except your parents. Never give out your password in cyberspace.
    • Don't fill out online forms or surveys or enter contests without parent permission.
    • Don't share personal information online such as your name, street address, phone number, age, school address, parent's name or where they work, or any pictures of you, your family, or friends. 
    • Don't click on ads online. They want you to spend money, avoid them.
    • Remember that everything you post to the Internet can be seen by anyone and everyone.


    Don't be a Cyberbully

    • Avoid insults or threatening words when making comments online.
    • Treat others online like you would want to be treated.
    • Tell an adult if someone is bullying you or someone you know online.


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