• What Business Education Can Do For Our
    Middle and High School Students!

    Help pay for college.  The skills acquired in Business Education courses can help students get better, higher-paying jobs.  Students can work full-time and earn more money – more quickly – to pay for college.  They can work part-time to earn tuition while attending college! 
    Expand educational operations.  Business Education courses add new dimensions to learning -- hands-on in addition to eyes-on.  Studies show many students learn better that way.  A business course relates academic courses to the real world and shows how reading and math can be applied in “real world” situations.

    Provide two educational options one in one – college prep and job prep.  According to the “Princeton Review,” this year’s survey of colleges showed the major with the highest undergraduate enrollment is business administration and management.  Students will be ready for this rigorous program by a solid high school Business Education program.  Most Business Education programs include academic subjects needed to meet entry-level job requirements of employers in fields related to the program.

    Offer a path to success.  Statewide, 40 percent of all students who begin college programs never complete them, with 25 percent leaving during their first year.  Business Education courses are insurance for economic productivity.

    Develop “life skills” needed by all consumers.  Business Education courses help students develop skills and knowledge in personal finance, time management, organization skills, and goal setting.  This information will be applied throughout their lives, in important decisions related to mortgage agreements, car loans, insurance decisions, tax regulations and others.

    Acquire lifelong skills and habits to apply to ANY career.  Self-confidence, self-awareness, good working habits, problem solving, critical thinking, punctuality, reliability, teamwork, and leadership are learned in Business Education classes.  Students feel a sense of accomplishment which breeds the self-assurance young people need to set and achieve their career goals.

    Broaden life-long work and study options.  After taking Business Education courses, students have an option to go to work, go to college, or both, whenever he or she is ready! Business courses prepare men and women for good paying, satisfying careers in fields not yet imagined.  Small business owners are the back bone of our economy.  Entrepreneurship is the answer!

    Pretest career interests before going to college.  Business Education is not what it used to be!  Business Education offers a wide variety of courses that students could take to explore career interests.